Cleared those and uninstalled profiler software. But if your mouse is a wire mouse, the mouse is broken. I use the standard Windows mouse drivers in conjunction with MarkC’s patch which removes all desktop acceleration and as well as acceleration in most games unless it is permanently forced on. This is insane to think you delayed the game for an extra couple weeks to pick your own asses. Windows 7 Home Premium bit 6. Razer Mamba wireless Keyboard:

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Can see buttons work, but actual mouse is completely missing. Can we get a reply to this issue ubisoft? If you cannot find the right driver for your device, you can request the driver.

A4Tech Keyboards — drivers

Totally unable to get mouse to work once game is loaded in, it works fine during the menu so the issue is not there, character selection etc works fine too, in solo mode the game does not recognise any mouse keywkrks movement at all. Thus far I’ve barely even gotten off the menus because I have both input and graphical problems, but for the input. Windows 7 Ultimate bit 6.

Not set Media Type: Considering you produced two patches within a week, I’m hoping that these remaining issues can be quickly fixed now you’ve at least acknowledged them. The main reason why I want this game on pc offce because of the heavenly precise mousemovements u can make rather then that scrap joystick on a ps3 controller So why the heck does the tevh work on the Guest account and not my normal Administrator account?


I tried to disconnect and to disable the software, but that didn’t solve the problem. I think we all have enough here for a class action suit.

Genius Product Support – KBX

Cleared those and uninstalled profiler software. You know what’s funny?

For any other issues with the mouse input please tell us the mouse type you are using. I cannot move or look around. Razer Mamba wireless Keyboard: Patch broke the game if you dont belive i already uploading vid on youtube with gameplay on xbox controller.

I cannot find the driver that supports my device, I am hoping you can develop a driver which can work with the latest versions of Windows and other systems. Same problem for me wasd and mouse dont work!

If you forgot to do this partyour driver may not be able to install correctly and successfully later a4tech keyworks office After you have restarted the computeryou will see on the a4tech keyworks office driver right corner of the taskbar a mouse icon. Another think, which would be keywogks is to have a graphic options modifiable when already in the game.


Embarrassing really that a game’s controls are broken for a large number of people. No issues with any other Ubisoft games before. My mouse moves cursor is visible at the top left of screen. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

The game plays fine now, and the gampelay is great! I also couldn’t move with the gamepad.

There was a beta test right? Other buttons are also wrongly assigned.

A4 Tech Mouse / Keyboard Drivers Download

Logitech Wireless Keyboard unplug. I do not know what’s going on with u Ubisoft Using logitech classic keyboard and a steelseries ikari optical mouse on window 7 x My Logitech G9X mouse doesn’t work ingame at all. Comfort Optical Mouse No other game-pads whatsoever.

Vai al menu Start, Pannello di controllo-Device Manager 2. I also use a Logitech Gameboard G