Some of the information shown in text or illustrations is obtained using optional equipment. Instructions are provided with upgrades. It also presents the flow of data as a moving graph thereby allowing you to analyze it in detail. The Scan Tool is programmed with English by default. Using The Scan Tool The following screen only displays when power comes from vehicle. The large easy to read display screen makes reading those diagnostic troubles codes easy and understandable. Playback Mechanism The Actron CP Elite Auto Scanner enables the user to access the information which may not have been clearly understood thanks to its playback feature.

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Ford and Chrysler used different types of engine control computers and data link connectors DLCsand GM varied zctron trouble codes and communication protocols from year-to-year. The device gives the user the ability to scan and easily diagnose car problems, providing you with an option of fixing the problem yourself or finding the best repair price.

Connecting the scan tool, Program mode – Actron Elite AutoScanner® CP9185 User Manual

cp185 Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. As always, be sure to visit the merchant’s site to review and verify product information, price, and shipping costs. Do not touch the throttle pedal during testing.


Buy on Amazon, Now! Select Actuator to test. This scanner was heaven sent for me because it is so super cool I could not contain myself with excitement. Save Contrast Setting and return to the System Setup menu. This may be required to reset the computer.

The Actron CP also allows for PC connectivity, a vital feature that allows you to access any data that has been collected and stored in the device. If the actuator selected is not available for the vehicle under test, the Scan Tool will indicate so.


Press speed control ON button. The CP is shipped with all the connectivity cables you will ever need with the device.

Do not start the engine. Return to Special Tests Menu. The Pocketscan reader can be used to read all import and domestic cars from to date. Perform this function only after the systems have been checked completely and DTCs have been docu- mented. OBD II code library built into tool. Abbreviations and names for in-use performance tracking data supported by Scan Tool are shown below.

Actron CP Elite AutoScanner | GoSale Price Comparison Results

Multilingual menu and options – English, French, Spanish. A device that interfaces with and communicates information on a data link. The first thing you will notice about the CP is just how easy it is to use. No faults detected is displayed. Ford Historic OBD I Diagnostics If throttle is moved after pressing and releasing the Scan Tool displays an elitf message indicating the test failed due to throttle movement. Follow Instructions on the display.


Elite AutoScanner Code Reader – OBD II CAN

This code reader from Actron reads, displays and erases generic OBD II and manufacturer specific codes while fp9185 your check engine light. Page 13 Safety Precautions Risk of burns.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: The Global Function List is broken down acteon the following menus: Yes, the software does work with Windows 8. All Actron scanner has access to RepairPath.

You can also print your data through a PC. Page 4 Code Lookup Close all programs on the computer. The Scan Tool records data based on time 5 frames prior to the start of the recording, and for a duration after.