Could be the motherboard chipset drivers. Articles with empty sections. I suppose I am royaly screwed then I have the latest hyperion drivers installed and I am baffled at why this is occuring! How about if you have nothing good to say, Shut your fucking mouth I am not talking first pages but several. Privacy policy About WikiChip Disclaimers.

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You would fucking notice if you were stuck in 2x mode Jun 15, Posts: The Tab in the nvidia console says everything is working at 8x agp and the slider is set to 8x. Retrieved from ” https: I have googled for this issue and found nothing but the same question I am asking with no answers or solutions.

AGP tab in Nvidia driver console says 2x agp rate for OS

When I say reinstall I mean go in and remove them from the device manager and then reinstall them manually with the INF files. You can get them here: I suppose I am ayp screwed then So many views, and so little replies. Mon Oct 10, 1: Ok, here is my specs. Oct 8, An19cc Mar 23, Posts: The title states the problem. It does however says the OS is running at 2x agp, and I dont understand.


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Wed Oct 12, Could be the motherboard chipset drivers. If it is “all over NV forums and ars” then why didnt it pop up in the biggest search engine on the net.

One of the reasons the question wasnt answered in the places you looked and on ars yes, someone asked the same thing a month ago Isearched the registry for keys, but didnt find any related to this. Dec 4, Posts: NivenhBro Ars Praefectus Tribus: This section is empty; you can help add the missing info by editing this page.

FIC BIOS AN19C Free Driver Download (Official)

This page was last modified on 3 Decemberat This IS constructive information. If you want to spend a shitload of your own time to investigate something pointless than by all means go ahead, dont let me try and stop you any further.

Additionally, Intel used the same production for both Celeron and Pentium III, disabling various features as needed during the manufacturing process. Jul 12, Posts: Unlike Intel, AMD gave Duron a design of its own, the reduced cache for example directly resulted in smaller die size and thus cheaper manufacturing.


AGP tab in Nvidia driver console says 2x agp rate for OS – Ars Technica OpenForum

Applebred was based on the Appaloosa which was announced but never officially released. Announced in April ofDuron processors offered the best price-performance ratio providing Celeron with stiff competition. I think its a glitch I have the same glitch as do most others and if the slider is at 8x then your using 8x.

Duron still nameless at the time was marked on AMD ‘s roadmap during the Microprocessor Forum in Mon Oct 10, 3: Troll all you want then, dont expect me to use personal attacks back.