It would be really cool if Mixxx could talk to this mixer and change its settings. After messages the log got repetitive, so I assume all of the relevant control commands for configuring mixer output occur within these first few messages. The driver takes up very little space and consumes no system resources at all if not used, so installation will take place automatically by default. Japanese products, I can help you! This seemed to communicate with the mixer, but then all of the red skull LEDs on the mixer lit up, and it became unusable. All the controls are fixed for the effects group since you may want to use these when not running the software, but all the other groups allow you to change the function of every single control to a pre-defined list of up to 40 commands, depending on the physical control type. Please plug it in to your Linux system, do sudo lsusb -v, then copy and post just the section about that mixer it’ll probably be quite long.

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I will test this later tonight. Pappalardo pegasus-renegadetech wrote on You should ask if you can rock up to the club before it opens one night just to have a test. The convenience and neatness of the TTM 57SL is a double-edged sword, and may not suit individuals who would rather have the ability to take the original SL 1 interface and combine it with any mixer of their choosing.

Maybe this is a fundamental problem at the ALSA driver level?

Not sure if its the fader or fade control This configuration is persistent, so I can then close Ableton Live and open Mixxx, and Mixxx will receive the pre-fader control signal, so it is able to track the position of the vinyl even when the crossfader is closed: I have a rane ttm 57 to help, I have already plug it on linux, alsa recognise only one input output mixer, but there is two input to plug the decks and one output.


Thankfully you can simply link the BPM to that stored in your audio files tag field.

TSP with Rane TTM 57SL Mixer? | NI Community Forum

Sadly, this is still limited to a single-turntable setup, since the mixer must be explicitly set to output the analogue control signal, otherwise Mixxx won’t hear it unlike Scratch Live, which is somehow able to listen to the analogue signal even when the mixer is set to output the digital overlayed audio.

While Scratch Live is free software, Ableton Live isn’t, and I expect Serato and Ableton have some kind of financial agreement based on the premise that Scratch Live will bring in new Ableton Live customers.

However, someone recently pointed out this video on youtube which shows someone using TSP with Rane and states that he is only able to use one channel: Serato even disable the hardware as well as the software if tttm correct combo isnt in action. Email me about changes to this bug report.

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Posted Wed 11 May 11 1: This mixer has been thoroughly tested and operates without fault. This seems to be mentioned in the manual http: They say it works with abelton so why not Saio But, we don’t rate equipment according to potential, we score according to what is in front of us.


Can you give me the output of “aplay -l” when the Rane mixer is attached to the system? The TTM 57SL certainly lives up to the high expectations, and offers features you simply won’t get anywhere else.

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Do you know any people wich can help me? Bug attachments Contains the files: Hopefully Serato will include automatic BPM detection and syncing in the future. Do you already have an account? Do I just install Serato?

It remains to be seen whether Serato can weave any magic and squeeze enough out of the USB1. The mixer certainly performs perfectly, and I’m not going to go down the route of arguing analog vs. I’ll include a new power cord and a new USB cable with it.

This would seem to confirm that the problems experienced under Linux are indeed due to driver issues, and that Scratch Live isn’t communicating with the mixer over USB to tell it which signals to output.

I would greatly appreciate it. I think the HID communication with Mixxx caused the mixer to reset.

Rane TTM 57

Rane Introduction DJ mixers have certainly moved on quickly over the last few years. Posted Wed 11 May 11 7: I think I should develop usb alsadriver for the mixer or perhaps I can use alsadriver parameter to recognise other input???

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