How does your compare to your Parasounds? The only gripe that I had with it was wishing it could just be somewhat smoother on the top end, a. I’m reading that some people are commenting the series is overly bright. I should have the necessary outlets installed in the next few days. Originally Posted by jdlynch.

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ATI RADEON X – graphics card – Radeon X – MB Overview – CNET

Then in the operating manual it states that 2 independent circuits should be used. Are we talking Bryston bright?

I don’t even have all my speakers in the new house only have LCR. I’m also feeding both amps full power as recommended. Last edited by Perfectionist2; at The ATI rocks and does not get warm. All of the subs have separate amps.

I thought it said that the should have each cord plugged into a 20 amp outlet as to not have atti sag. I have it driving my Dali Epicon 6’s and Vokel.

Article by WL Low. I pray to god that it sounds good too! I already have the 2 15 amp circuits, but I’m thinking replacing them by running some 12 gauge wire and going with the 20 amp breakers. I reviewed about the ATI Signature power amp just a few months ago. On the ATI website they say in the documentation that “2 independent 20 amp circuits should be used for greater sustained output power than is possible from a single AC circuit”.


There build quality is impeccable and with a 7 year warranty what’s not to like.

Anyone know the correct way to do the hookup? I currently have a 7.

ATI RADEON X600 – graphics card – Radeon X600 – 128 MB

Surprised the series gets hot, those heatsinks are huge. Power Cord 7-Year Warranty Dimensions: You should be good to go but you need to ensure your outlets have 20 amp sockets as the plugs are different between 15 and 20 amp recepticals.

AT Multi Channel Amp – front view. I have to check some old pics of my basement finishing to see what else is on the circuits.

FG Wilson ATI Transfer Panels

Does anyone own one of these? The mid range reproduces thick, full bodied male vocals much like most tube amps can, and will also give sultry female vocal performance ayi the recording calls for it. Separate bi-filar windings for each channel guaranty lower noise and crosstalk. The amp had more than ample muscle to faithfully playback even the most dynamic passages of the Dovrak symphony, without any hint of struggling to ait up, like most amplifier of lesser Watts.


Ultra soft turn on reduces in-rush current to a minimum.

I have speakers that love current and a large, dead room so i need to step on the gas pedal even though i mostly listen well below reference. The mid range and bass is however, more consistent in character as dictated by recording during playback.

AVS Forum articles Contests. Page 1 of 8. I’ve been doing some research on the ATI and I’m confused as to how the electrical should be hooked up.

My setup sounds every bit as excellent as theirs, but I saved thousands on amplification. Get in touch Email: Sound wise, the kick drums is less intrusive to the overall presentation of the musical score unless one is playing rap and club music all the time at dance floor level volume. Originally Posted by Tripitz. Music atk the goal here, not movies.