If you’re only pulling 60 FPS then the benefits aren’t seen. I gathered my screens downstairs in my living room, got out some tools, grabbed myself an alcoholic beverage and started thinking of how I was going to tackle this. At this resolution everything continues to look sharp; you can tell, though, that we don’t have the same colour range as the U Both screens have a Trending Price New. For months, all I heard was “the bezels, Anthony, the bezels”. Best Selling in Monitors See all.

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Alienware OptX AW inch Monitor De-bezel Modification Guide

As your finger comes close to the bottom most button it lights up. Portrait pictures on a landscape screen have tons of wasted space on the sides.

You can view photos and listen to your favorite music by connecting an USB 2.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. I have USB 3. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

Dell Alienware OptX AW2310

The AW as you might’ve guessed is a 23″ monitor carrying a TN Panel with a native ae2310 resolution. You can still see the difference in blacks at 1. Outside of 3D Vision Hz offers just a more fluid gaming experience for users and brings us back to that smoothness that was seen in the CRT days.


Couldn’t believe how well the first owner took care of it. The side screens weren’t really utilized as my eyes didn’t look at them. Page 3 [Unclipping the bezel and getting to the nitty-gritty] Page 4 [Before and after shots of the monitors in 3-screen portrait].

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. The eBay seller “printersplusmore” neglected to send along the right video cord. Inside we’ve got some foam to protect the monitor and while our sample lacked the normal array of screen protection we’re used to seeing, the monitor does come with it. I started seeing more portrait-based setups with multi-monitors and thought that would be interesting to see with Hz.

Page 1 [Introduction] Page 2 [Disclaimer, tools used and the beginning]. Alienware OptX AW This monitor shines in gaming if you’ve got the right video card. To achieve the smoothness, though, you need to be able to push FPS and this requires either a high end video card or a drop in detail.

Once I got the right cord, voila’! I had my fair share of problems, but for the most of it, it worked and worked well. How this differs from the Dell U screen is that we change from a screen that is more work orientated and good with gaming, to one that should be great at gaming.

That’s not to say that the picture isn’t fantastic, you just don’t have the same vividness as other monitors that offer a wider colour range. If you’re only pulling 60 FPS then the benefits aren’t seen.


I was happy with my results, until my friends saw it and noticed the bezels. Before they stop selling them. My last peeve is the rotation of the unit to go portrait.

For Hz you will need a Dual Link Dvi cord plain and simple. Nvidia will bundle some cheap 3D glasses with all of its GeForce graphics cards so that gamers can experience 3D gaming. aw310

For months, all I heard was “the bezels, Anthony, the bezels”. Power draw on the monitor sits at around On the backlight bleed front, we didn’t see anything. Fortunately this cord is supplied with the retail package or from Dell’s website. The latest 3D screen has a high brightness to shine through those shutter glasses. Great design, great OSD and Hz are the stand outs for this monitor. As mentioned above my seller sent me a 15pin VGA cord but this unit does not support it.