Page 33 CD you just burned or save the setting of this CD for future use. Browse to select the music files in the dialogue box that appears and then click ferent types of data to CD by simply following the easy step-by-step instructions. Installing Additional Memory You can replace the existing memory module with a higher-capacity one. Page 39 – Removing the Association Between Program Region Code Settings 3. Copyright Copyright by BenQ Corporation. Page of 54 Go.

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Insert a music CD into the optical drive of your Joybook.

HSW Battery For Lenovo Y200 DHS5 SQU-409 BenQ BenQ S31V S32B S52 laptop battery

In Register now to get free product news and latest information about BenQ! Specify a name for your Joybook in the Computer name field and click Next. The first time you start up your Joybook, Windows XP will ask you a few questions. The region code of the DVD inserted must match that of the DVD playback soft- We suggest that you open and close your screen gently and slowly with both ware used.

Page 21 – Performing Advanced Bluetooth Configurat In order to get online, you must have an account with an ISP Internet service provider and perform needed software configuration. You may update the security settings on this page and enter a password if nec- network wirelessly without the constraints of network cables. You can get rid of those annoying cables when printing documents, synchronizing your PIM data with your PDA or another PC, mobile phone or even sharing a network connection.


Enter text from picture: Windows Key Shift the Windows desktop. In the drop-down x52, click to select your language and country. By default, BenQ Surround is turned on. To use the hotkeys, press and hold the Fn Function key at the lower left corner of the keyboard, and then press the desired hotkey. Remove the battery as shown.

The services available on the connected Bluetooth device will appear in the fol- lowing window. The following window will appear. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon on Windows system tray and then select Advanced Configuration.

This will increase hard disk space and 7. Select an effect from the Library and drag it into the desired position in the cor- 9. Do not attempt to repair it on s522 own.

This position is directly beneath the clip s in the Video track that you want to affect. When doing so, the description of the selected profile bemq the application programs already associated with the files profile will appear in the Profile description and Associated Applications boxes.


Click the Capture button again to stop capturing video. If this happens, please contact your local BenQ service center for help.


The songs on the music CD will automatically appear on the Song List. Click to select a your Joybook. If this happens, please contact your local BenQ service cen- ter for help. Copyright Copyright genq BenQ Corporation.

BenQ Laptop S52 User Guide |

For connecting to a Bwnq Replicator to add addi- tional ports to your Joyboook S52 such as: You can turn it off by adjusting its set- tings on the taskbar.

AC Several factors can affect connection speed, such as line noise, number of people power cord may be defective. Joybook S52 Series User’s Manual. Answer the questions to ensure that your full rights are protected. Using Bluetooth Using Bluetooth The Bluetooth function allows you bbenq get connected to various devices and ser- 4.