Although the a has been around for a long while now, the support and versatility of this card makes it a constantly popular choice for developers, enthusiats and even beginners. I installed your driver for my tuner card and it worked just fine. Please try again later. We will be back soon with the next card in the range. Better to have it than not to have it.

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It has a chip per channel and is therefor capable of higher frame rates per channel than cards which use a chip for up to 4 channels. The installation screen shows. If you see your tuner in the compatibility list, there is nothing to worry about.

The card also has a row of alarm input pins along the top of the card which can be used to trigger recording and alarms from auxillary devices when used with the supplied software. However the must have a 5 volt slot top operate. These heatsinks cost very little so if you are at all unsure about the cooling capabilites of your machine then its best to invest that little bit extra and keep your video processor chips cool, performing well and reliable.

Video Capture using c IDK 0. Model got re-used, some model no. The 4 channel 4 chip model is a Kodicom clone of the card and can be expanded using our 4 channel expander boards to a maximium of 16 channels on the single card.

Thes inputs are not supported in 3rd party applications though, just with the supplied software. Video capture software for BT under WinXp i use windvr www. However if you use all four camera bt78 then the maximum frame rate per camera will go down to about 6 FPS per camera.


In Conexant company the vendor of BrookTree and chips placed their reference 3. However if they are fitted in a PC with a card rack cooling fan and not surrounded by other cards which are also producing heat then they will be just fine.

MEDIA – Conexant – Bt878, WDM Video Capture Computer Driver Updates

My capture hardware is based on the bt chip, not the bt Consequently cards using this chip have gathered a lot of support from a wide variety of sources. Each hardware vendor developed its own implementation of features that were not in the VFW standard. You must be aware that on FlyVideo, AverMedia, Miro, PinnacleVoodoo and Hauppauge models, tuner model is autodetected, so, with those cards, you could let the driver autodetect it. Although the a has been around for a long while now, the support and versatility of this card makes it a constantly popular choice for developers, enthusiats and even beginners.

How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? How do i check whether an I2C device works?

The value in the [bt We will discuss the last card in the range next time and then follow on with details of the PCI card slot requirements for all three models.

Thus, I can not provide a support for your particular capture board until I have one for testing purposes. We supply stick on bf878 to order and will fit the heatsinks prior to dispatch on any of our BT cards if they are ordered at the same time as the cards.


Agree to the license and press “Next”.

Although outdated technology this card was an incredibly versatile capture device giving 8 channels each controlled by its own BTa chip. One model allows for up to 2 cards to be used in the same machine allowing a 32 channel system to be built and there is also a PCI Express PCIE option too.

The new cards should be available in early so watch this space. Amplifier Yamaha RX-V not turning on Well it was bound to happen eventually and now the Kodicom and its clones are finally no longer available.

WDM Video Capture Driver

My hardware is mentioned in your compatibility list. Otherwise you must read Q4. This card is a clone of the Kodicom card. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. This is caused probably because your video capture card does not provide a reliable way to identify it all the older Bt based cards have this problem, but nearly all new Bt based cards should be br878.