As I try to improve my game, I appreciate the feedback as I then know more about why I missed. Published 1 year ago on Sep 7, So what do they do? I also preferred the stock Lamkin grip on the M1 vs. This club launches the ball high, arguably ridiculously so. A very forgiving and deeply perimeter-weighted club that also has a high-bounce sole to prevent digging too much into the turf. I think these clubs will be big winners with the mid-to-high handicap set.

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The Best Players Irons of Now I play longer on each iron.

While I realize that some of you may be shutting down your golf seasons, now is actually a great time to pick up gear as shops clear the stock for the season. Kua 59 graphite shaft and Lamkin Lite grip. Did you go to the right college?

NCG TESTS: Callaway RAZR X Black iron

You failed to add one more dimension into the mix Dave — shaft — what difference would a different shaft have made in your results? Both have higher bounce angles for a set – critical since I’m a digger and live in Seattle.


I will admit though I’m just not a cobra guy anymore. Add some progressive offset and you s a high-launching set of irons that are forgiving and longer than you’d probably expect.

Since I’ve only hit both off mats, how’s the turf interaction? Club felt lively and fun. I agree on toe mishits the iron did not feel great.

I know this accounts for the distance gain but the ball definitely comes off hot compared to my set. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Hell Yes, it did. According to the company, the process creates more density in the club face, especially high callsway the face. In fact, my one wish is that they made the PW look as nice as they did the 4-iron! Tex54 Sep 4, at 1: See my decision dilemma? The feel is great and they have razor precision on shots. Golfers willing to try an anti-shank iron that may look radical from in the back, actually looks really nice and pleasing to the eye from the address position.

Second Guesses: Did You Make The Right Decision On Those New Irons?

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thanks for this great review. Ronsky 6 years ago. Forum Thread of the Day: Shorter than the M2 though not short and a little lower ball flight. It’s all the forgiveness and versatility you’ll need.


Second Guesses: Did You Make The Right Decision On Those New Irons?

I was hoping I would hit the M1 better since I like the appearance better, but that was not the case. Or wmp I get something wrong? You must be logged in to post a comment. Shouldn’t Obama be carrying his bags as a caddy? Published 1 year ago on Aug 27, Again, Callaway has an iron set that’s ridiculously easy to wield.

This means there’s a ton of forgiveness in this game-improvement set, even though it has a conventional shape. I find it easier to set up and align clubs with less offset, so I like this a lot.