It also looks, feels and sounds great and seems to forgive a bit more as well HC hoping to get to Single digits with this and the new XR 4 wood I ran out and got after loving the Driver that is way more forgiving than anything I have owned and really easy to hit same great sound and feel as well. The condition of the clubs was listed as very good and to me they look like they’ve maybe been used a couple of times before – they look new! Shots are much more consistent than previous clubs. Although I only hit a 7 iron I loved the weight and feel. The ball felt great coming off of the club face and I was truly much more impressed with the feel of these irons than I thought I’d be. On Trackman at a Callaway fitting session the ball spin was around rpm more than the Big Bertha Alpha I reviewed recently , which was to be expected. Being a senior player to find left handed clubs is hard.

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Yes the oldies, but they always performed to my wishes. I didn’t have distances to gauge but I know I was hitting it further than my previous irons. As you go up the set though the increasing size of the cavity started to make the irons sound and feel a little duller to me, which was a bit of a shame as I cannot fault the performance.

And maybe that is your price trade off within the Callaway brand, but if the XR Pro series is callwway top the charts again then we need a little more action. Travel Bags Shoe Bags. Although I only hit a 7 iron I loved the weight and feel. I get yards farther carry, on average.


You know who you are, even if you don’t want to admit it. Had a par 3 yds to flag which was just about centre of green. Played my first round with this driver today following a rather impulsive buy, as it was on offer.

The Callaway XR is calkaway real contender and I want a front row ticket for this bout, because dr2 is too close to call.

Callaway XR Irons Review – Golfalot

Can’t find the club you want? Write a Review Rate This Product: Callaway claim it is 2. Very happy with this club.

What a fine great iron!! This driver breeds confidence!

Sign csllaway or Register with Golfalot. Hit XR Pro 7 iron on a simulator at Dicks sporting goods and thought they were tweaking the computer to make me buy them. Other than that it’s a great iron. Beginners and high handicappers will generally be better off with models shaded dallaway on the right, better players will tend towards model shaded blue on the left. I added an inch to the shaft length but made no other changes.

I play off 18 but that’s mainly as I am wild with my driver with these I hope to get down to low teens or better.

Sorry Ping, But I have gone Callaway. On shorter par 4 holes I tee off with my 4 iron -really amazing product. I’m a low handicapper and usually go for the smaller headed drivers but I liked the look of this so I thought I would take a chance. I’m 55, an 11 handicap and I’m sorry, it’s not “way longer” overall, I’d say on miss hitsit seems to be forgiving and give better distance but I use the same shaft in both heads. And what struck me was the XR performance.


As for pure “smash factor ” I’d say it’s equal to the X2 as I caught one square centre with a swing speed of around 97 mph, landed same spot as my X2, perhaps you gentleman claiming massive distance gains should check into shafts? But the main difference is the consistency, it was hard to hit a bad one!

Even more impressive is the fact that I have always hit irons well and struggled with my 5. This one won by a long shot, no pun intended!

Callaway X2 Hot Irons

For some time the goal in distance irons has been to bring the technologies from woods into irons to increase distance and forgiveness by using xr flexing face with a deep centre of gravity. User Reviews One trusty set of irons. Mens Right Hand Shaft: