Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. I’m sure I have installed the drivers correctly. However, Dell versions of these cards are using much older version of their Orinoco cousins. The reception sucks in some places of my school so I am trying to get better reception. Dell Recently updated the driver to 7.

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I am using Fruemobile drivers here. Noticed though that the firmware is variant 2 at lower version. Many thanks in advance! I’m sure I have installed the drivers correctly. Forums

DrTCP to bluepoint Feb 5: Most Active Forum Topics this week Dell Recently updated the driver to 7. Treat your gun like your genitals, only whip it out when it’s absolutely necessary.

I have a dell inspiron with a TrueMobile interal card. Latest Orinoco driver 7. It is not related to windoows functionality. All your answers are belong to Google. I am aware W2K uses ndis 5.


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I think SP2 must have screwed this up so that it doesn’t work because I can’t get it to work either. Primary Functions Firmware Variant 1, Version 4. Click here to review our site terms of use.

Managed to upgrade the firmware of the card to 8. I am running XP, SP2. Users browsing this forum: Variant 1 has no ‘A’ appended. Thanks so much Dr for not giving up on those of us with different hardware!!

Could connect if I disabled encryption totally. There is a fixed 8.

When you get it to work on the alvarion, please post what you did, I can’t get it to work on that one, Windoss was successful on a dell, but not the alvarion. DrTCP to rahlquist Feb-5 1: So scan through all subkeys.

New drivers from Dell? Thanks for any advice.

Download Dell TrueMobile Series Wireless LAN Card

For some reason the forum posting inserts space before Am I missing something? Video doorbell without WiFi?


Once reported, del, staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. I then try to intall the client software, and replace the DLL, but that also does not recognize the card.

Update your Dell Truemobile here !!! : Hardware – Page 8

Dell released updated drivers and client manager, but they’re only for Windows XP; although the drivers do seem to work on Windows Pro, the client manager doesn’t run at dwll doesn’t open or display any errors. If it wasn’t for rebuilding my server I’d take apart my RG and try it. Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel?