I will try a different cable. Not to mention I am wasting HD space. I checked the DMA situation. I decided to try a different SATA cable and now the drive has burned a bunch of disks fine again so it might not be the same problem you had but it might help some of the folks having outright burning and disk reading problems. How satisfied are you with this reply? I Doubt Best Buy will let me try, now that it has been 2 months.

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HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H62L – free driver download [FOUND ]

I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much for the help peoples.

What a great job Anything you can do for us poor B users? How to deal with video card driver problems? We need to do something that involves the hard drives.

Windows 7 does not support SATA CDrom dirive

I went through device manager, audio settings… nothing! I too am having trouble with the exact same drive. Is this what you are looking for? So I cancelled it. This is just torture. Or did you do a full system re-install? I really appreciate the help.


I cannot burn a data dvd either. I do usually use Verbatim, I love those disks. I wish i had it wrong so i could fix this silly thing already. By the way im going to tell what i did: Not to mention I am wasting HD space. If enter to the store screaming and crying, that is going to work, if you paid with credit card or debit, you have a record. My board came with some that i can swap for the LG one. Our new article section – find out all you need to know with these easy to understand and helpful articles Coming soon — or new driver information forum I gsa-h6l2 I have something similar to that, that came with my PC.

But cash was tight and sony was 2 for 1. Otherwise the CPU will be very busy and the throughput be low whenever transfering data to or from the drives. Man hl-d-st burners are shit, haha really.


GSA-H62L Support

You can convert to AHCI but need to follow the procedure in http: My old one burnt just fine till it crapped out from use. I signed up to this site because no one seems to know WTF is going on. Note that usually the problem is PIO mode on the channel with the optical drive. It just hung, no progress was made in burning.

I checked the DMA situation. Is it even worth posting?

LG Internal 24x Super Multi with M-DISC™ Support | LG USA

I spent several hours going through all the programs in the Creative Speaker icon in the system tray that pops up all the Creative programs. I just wish i knoew who to be angry at. I came back 30 min later nothing had happened.