The following driver Options are supported: Option “AreaLeftEdge” ” integer “. Not all options are appropriate; for example, Elantech touchpads don’t support pressure, and many other touchpads don’t support multitouch. Option “SingleTapTimeout” ” integer “. Grabbing the event device means that no other user space or kernel space program sees the touchpad events.

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Synaptics Scrolling Distance 32 bit, 2 values, vert, horiz.

A “touch” event happens when the Z touhpad goes above FingerHigh, and an “untouch” event happens when the Z value goes below FingerLow. If this scrolling speed is larger than the CoastingSpeed parameter measured in scroll events per secondthe scrolling will continue with the same speed in the same direction until the finger touches the touchpad again.

If you press both the left and right synapyic buttons at almost the same time no more than EmulateMidButtonTime milliseconds apart the driver generates a middle mouse button event. Scrolling is engaged when a drag starts in the given CircScrollTrigger region, which can be all edges, a particular side, or a particular corner.

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Vertical scrolling button four and five events through moving the finger on the right side of the touchpad. Synaptics Circular Scrolling Trigger 8 bit, valid values Dragging through short touching and holding down the finger on the touchpad tap-and-drag gesture.


They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. MaxSpeed is now 1. The synaptics driver is provided by xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.

The speed value defines the scaling between touchpad coordinates and screen coordinates. The name “synaptics” is historical and the driver still provides the synaptics protocol parsing code. Do I have to be ‘root’ to do this, or can I sudo it from my usual synpatic These buttons enable areas on the touchpad to perform as right or middle mouse button.

New maintainer for the tpconfig driver is Bruce Kall.

More precisely the speed is first calculated according to MinSpeed, MaxSpeed and AccelFactor, and then is multiplied by a sensitivity factor. Registration is quick, simple liunx absolutely free. Multitouch If multitouch doesn’t work for you, your hardware may not support it, but you can use the following options to emulate multitouch which allows most of the features to work. Yes that works, thank you! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. System-wide configuration Read the manual This manual will tell you all the options that are available for the synaptics driver: The following driver Options are supported: I am using Debian 8.


Ubuntu Manpage: synaptics – touchpad input driver

Instead, libinput is used. Email Required, but never shown.

More precisely the speed is first calculated according to MinSpeed, MaxSpeed and AccelFactor, and then is multiplied by a sensitivity factor. If you are working with libinput driver default driver in many live images: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Synaptics Touchpa Move 32 bit. Multifinger taps for example. When both Z pressure and W width thresholds are crossed, a two finger press will be emulated.

This read-only property expresses ilnux physical capability of the touchpad, most notably whether the touchpad hardware supports multi-finger tapping and scrolling. On those laptops, the top of the touchpad acts as software- emulated button area. All movements, scrolling and tapping which take place outside of this area will be ignored.