If you want to order one of these, then make sure you are ready to wait as the estimated shipping date is Tuesday, June 20th, Compared with other 17” notebooks this value is rather moderate. I am going to be a freshman in college this coming fall, and I was in need of a new laptop. The case seems robust, and the design could well meet the taste of some game enthusiasts – maybe not in green, but blue and silver can also be selected. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

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Further information on the video card can be found here or in our comparison of mobile video cards. Even in idle modethe fans run after a wireles time and continue to run non-stop.

We estimate this top-of-the-line machine — loaded with every bell and whistle known to man? The accent rubber grips are also very sporty looking, giving a nice contrast to the conspiracy blue color.

Amongst the 17” notebooks it alienwaer practically unrivaled. I got 1 hour 25 minutes on performance mode, and 1 hour 45 minutes on battery saver mode. Energy Demand Without load Idlemin.

In my use thus far, I have encountered no problems with speed or bottlenecking while running multiple programs. Nevertheless, the interesting surface design leads to alisnware impressive resistance against pressure. The Alienware Aurora m’s battery is not really a power supply, it’s rather a buffer battery for short power fails.


Looking at the Alienware Aurora notebook sitting on the table it looks like nearly every other notebook on the market. This aim was achieved without doubt.

Alienware Aurora m Specs – CNET

Not surprisingly the fans are alienwade able to dissipate all the waste heat. With dual Nvidia MB graphics cards, the processor is going to be the bottleneck in this system. Aurora m’s available interfaces convinced us. For just Internet surfing and other easy tasks it is fine, but gaming is impossible.

One negative aspect is the constantly creaking of the hard disk.

All in all, I would say Alienware hit a homerun with the design of this laptop. In order to anticipate questions like: Besides the standard VGA-out there are e.

As I said before, expect to be tethered to a power outlet!

Temperature Not surprisingly the fans are not able to dissipate all the waste heat. But not only its design, View of the keyboard and touchpad view large image. This avoids unnecessary cable spaghetti and keeps the locations left and right of the notebook free for the direless high-tech mouse pad or for docents of crisps and beverages for long nights and intensive LAN parties.


Alienware M9700 Review

The cooling system on the works very well. It is painted the same glossy color as the chassis, therefore making tracking more difficult than I would like. I have a Logitech G5 gaming mouse alienwage I use, so the touchpad will only be used on the go for me. Because of its size and weight the notebook is alienare not likely to be used for mobile internet access.

It becomes difficult to recognize the display contents and therefore its practical suitability is reduced.

Review Alienware Aurora m Notebook – Reviews

However, the Illumination of On the contrary, there was not so much space left for the left shift key and the crtl keys. The Aurora therefore comes with two strong fanswhich dissipate the waste heat at the notebook’s back side.

The Alienware Aurora is equipped with 2 speakers left and right at the front edge and a Subwoofer at its bottom side. The keyboard unit aluenware firmly connected in the case and regarding typing without any anomalies.