When this option is selected, thescanner will only enter programmode after power-up. Thescanner will not scan codes with fewer than the configured minimum ofcharacters. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. These numbers represent howmuch time that a barR30code must be out of the scan field before that bar code canbe scanned again. Skip to main content. Any stated or expressed warranties are inlieu of all obligations or liability for any damages, whether special, indirect, or consequential,arising out of or in connection with the use of this publication or the product it describes. This mode will notwork with all keyboard types.

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High Tone Default Alternate Tone 3. Enablethe appropriate option for your specific application. This feature overrides ITF character locking.

Ifnecessary, scan the appropriate bar code.

Photo of Metrologic MS Scanner

This added operator feature increases comfort and reduces repetitive strain injury. Enable this option when CapsLock is used on the keyboard. If necessary, scan theappropriate bar code on page 3. The baud rate of the scanner must equal the baud rate of the hostdevice.


Recall DefaultsDF1Minimum Code Length for All Code TypesThe minimum number of characters in thebar codes that will be scanned should bespecified by scanning one of the followingbar codes.

This isonly valid in modes where some type scahner is involved.

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The MS Special patents also be programmed programmed for short-range and long-range laser activation in either the hand-held or hands-free mode.

Tell us what’s missing. OC8Each character of a bar code takes between7. Also, choosethe various format that your host device requires. Your manual failed to upload Like Us On Facebook! For example, when the minimumis 3, the scanner will not scan bar codes thathas less than 3 characters. The Metrologic MS hand-held laser scanner provides unsurpassed versatility and adaptability.

Metrologic MS | Cybarcode, Inc.

Cables, batteries, power supplies and other accessories are sold separately unless otherwise stated. The unit will beep three times. The MS can be used either as a hand-held scanner or fixed scanner because of its unique design. Enabling this feature can satisfythese requirements. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.


MS provide unsurpassed versatility and adaptability. The MS consists of three models: Others require that while idle, the data linebe md951 polarity of a bar instead of a space. This mode will notwork with all keyboard types.

To activate, first scan an ITF character lock length. PC Keyboard Wedge units do not use baud rates. The scanner will providekeyboard emulation by converting the scanned bar code data to the PCkeyboard scan code equivalent. If necessary, scan theappropriate bar code.

POS Remarketing Group’s experience and dedication to point of sale systems hardware and services enable us to address the needs of mertologic providers, retail, hospitality and food service industries. Then, scan one of thefollowing bar codes.

Description Buy Works with More like this Manufacturer. The available baud rates range from to