Additional information that may be relevant. The operator can run a backup manually from the DPS Monitor main screen: Transactions are sorted by request ID field or optionally by the field defined on the Filter configuration panel. Once inside, the options are: In the event of failure of any device that could not complete a request, an error ticket will be printed to allow the customer to ask for a cash refund. Check the example below. See Appendix C for more details March – v2.

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A Photo Web will then be created in the customer’ s private collection of albums.

Please maintain the default values. As the prints will be made by Click there are no questions to be asked. WIDTH is the real width of the picture in pixels that the laboratory needs for this print format.

Closing or running the applications manually and shutting down or restarting the system. Rename pictures and albums. The total amount becomes red when the balance on a prepayment card is exceeded.

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Amount of money currently inside the hoppers that can be used to return change to the customers. Personalising the Kiosk Main Screensaver: Used in case of prepayment cards. Payment method that the customer or the operator used during the service.


Mmitsubishi currencies for change must be checked in this area to refill the hoppers.

Mitsubishi Electric CP9500DW-S Manuals

It is published by Mitsubishi Electric Patch It is a change to the current version to apply improvements or solve bugs. If it is hidden, and there is a coin mechanism, make sure that it is properly connected and powered up, and restart the program.

It is necessary to setup the coin value before counting. There can be maximum of 3 total backups at the same time and only the latest backup remains if two are executed on the same day. Information about the software update. This kind of card is personal for each user and can be used in a specific Kiosk or in a group of Kiosks that belong to the same scope. Know hardware and software devices, enable remote services, perform remote jobs, alerts and select Kiosk activity.

DPSPhoto software will automatically change the layout for the desired number. If prepayment discount is applied, it will not be reflected in this table. In the event of failure of any device that could not complete a request, an error ticket will be printed to allow the customer to ask for a cash refund.

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For example, if Free mode is selected, mitsugishi system will work in this mode only. Saves a record of all previous collections when Close Balance button is pressed.


It becomes empty for the next period. This must be configured by the supervisor and must match the real value of inserted coins.

This password must be known only by the supervisor March – v2. It will be automatically resent later. If any box is checked, a set price will be applied regardless of the number of copies. To run a CD update the supervisor must: Card insertion is not required. It is divided into 3 sections: It does not permit multi-selection unless a copy of each one is selected.

There is a maximum of 30 MB per Album and the pictures can be resized to improve network performance. The print ticket check box indicates if the ticket will be printed as receipt for each user operation.

There are three kinds of Software Upgrades: DPS, where the information between brackets is obtained directly from the customer [e.