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Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! This is a quick reply to thankyou all. The disc will calibrate the modem to work for the IP address that your internet provider gave you. Sorry for delays in replying. Is there any specific brand I should be getting? If I go into the backup and restore config section of the router and save a config, I get a file called user.

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The only real issue I would see with this router myself is an issue I’ve struck at home, when it comes to dealing with Vista and Wireless. Join now to get started. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! I can unsubscribe at any time.

Even with MAC filtering turned off and broadcast turned on it still would not do it. WPA2 is the next generation of security measures preventing [email protected] sharing of wireless connections and preventing other people sniffing the airwaves to see what juicy information is flying around like credit card numbers for example.

IntelĀ® Optimizations for MXNet*

[email protected] may need this information when you contact your helpdesk. This is a quick reply to thankyou all. WEP quite a while ago was busted wide open and can be cracked in under a minute, and so may not be a good option in case stealing peoples are clued up and have gear set up to bust WEP connections.


Yes, I would like to subscribe to stay connected to the latest Intel technologies and industry trends by email and telephone. The one I saw wasn’t locked down or anything, but had an absolutely awful firmware for anything other than a granny home user doing emails.

Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel microprocessors. BG Boot Loader Version: Only downside is your phone needs to be near your router, not a problem for most.

That the configuration etc of mine may not apply in this case since the OP and you both have the Wifi version and I don’t. Very stable unit, never had to reset it, linksys quality. Telecom modem on Xnet isp? Sorry for delays in replying.

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The benchmark results may need to be revised as additional testing is conducted. Seems to help mostly with multiple-connection stuff like bittorrent. Transfer speeds will be slower and latency slightly higher, and devices like microwaves can cause interference. I haven’t struck any locked down and have changed the username in many using the method I posted.

Hi, I’ve got 3 computers wired up to modemm D-Link broad band modem – so wires all over the place. Some of the Thomson routers are locked down in that the username box only allows the first part and the xtra. If you don’t use Vista, don’t really bittorrent much then simply use the router bloom suggested on its own.


TG v8 Serial Number: The one I have is a V8 so that may have something to do with it. Average security measures will satisfy me.

The Apache MXNet community recently announced the v1. Any router will work if you buy an ATA to plug your phone into.

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The time now is I’ve heard peple say it’s better to run a plain adsl2 modem like the SPA, and [email protected] it behind a heavily configured router such as the WRT54G or whatever. You don’t say exactly what the problem is,however as long as you put your user name and password in the Telecom router,it should work.

Did you put the filters on all the other phone devices, including fax machines first? Best router for Xnet Fusion.