You may want to remove some of the filters you have selected or shop similar products. It’s a fantastic driver! I need a lot of forgiveness in the club. If you want to know what it feels like to be in control of an unstoppable power on the green, you should pick up a Nike Sumo driver from the wide selection of golf clubs available on eBay. The result has pushed the shape in all directions to improve performance. The entire clubface is optimized to maximize faster ball speeds from every point on the faceNike PowerBow Weighting Weight is repositioned to the farthest corners of the Nike PowerBow design, optimizing head stability and delivering ultimate accuracy View other Nike drivers. Looking back at previous year Sasquatch and Sumo drivers, this seems to be a common trend in the Nike driver line.

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Coincidentally, our first child, Sophia, is having her first Have used the club three times now and the improvement in my drives is amazing, Thank you Golf Bidder.

Nike Sumo Driver

The club doesn’t give off the best sound when you strike the ball however i can live with this. I need a lot of forgiveness in the club. The forgiveness of the head was great and emphasised by the fact you can easily hit this driver off the deck and get similar distance to a normal drive, which into the wind you would probably need to do anyway. The Nike SQ Sumo2 Driver is a good choice for the mid to high handicapper who is searching for consistency off the tee.

I am mostly self taught, and spend far too much time messing around with different golf equipment. The Diamana shaft is surprisingly smooth and the stiff flex actually felt right for my swing.


Nike SasQuatch Sumo 9.

View other Nike products. Can not fault golf bidder on the service they provide.

Nike SQ Sumo Squared Driver –

Two in Minnesota, one in Scottsdale, AZ and one in I was amazed that despite the loft, the distance is still great and the balls were going straight.

The Sumo Squared S and British Open. I bought this club sqq a try-out.

The first thing I noticed with the new Sumo is the sleek look at address. It’s a fantastic driver! The club sat nicely at address and the clever head colour scheme made you feel you were swinging a normal club. The Sumo Squared has made enormous strides in this department.

Very happy also with the quailty of club purchased, condition was just as golf bidder had described Was this review helpful?

The Deep Rough | Review: Nike Sumo Squared

I’m hitting the ball a lot straighter now and about 20 yards more so great club i was iffy about the squared shape but no problems with it now i could never hit a 9. In good used mike. About Nike Millions of eyes watched expectantly as a lone figure cloaked in red and black effortlessly urged a small white ball onto nioe green carpet of perfection, rolled for seemingly an eternity then tilted to a stop for a moment at the precipice of the incredible, showcasing a symbol known the world over, when at long last, the object of brilliance dropped into the cup to a deafening roar from the spectators and the artist who made the entire image possible: Good condition with normal wear see pictures.

Sure, this is great for hitting a straight ball, but ballooning in the wind becomes a major sujo and you are obviously losing a lot of distance. You may want to remove some of the filters you have selected or shop similar products.


Since using the Nike, albeit only on the range the fade has disapeared. With its cc head and long shaft, you may think the Nike Sumo driver will be a brute, but, in truth, it is just as forgiving as it is powerful. Extra distance with no slice! The XL I really enjoyed hitting, really 9500 like I could do nothing but hit that thing straight.

Sure, it is still possible to slice the ball 30 yards if you really try, but, anything close to a square club face at impact, and I am sure you can keep it relatively close to the fairway. This is a combination of the light driver head itself, and the 55 gram stock Diamana shaft. The sound is not as bad as the previous Nike square driver and the ball does fly out there.

From custom golf spikes designed by Tiger himself to rain gear fit for a rainy Irish links course, high-performance golf balls, tees, towels, gloves and bags, Nike outfits top golfers from head to toe and leaves no nke for greatness to be achieved any day, at any time. You may want to check out the Sumo version of the club which is geared more toward the player that wants to move the ball.