Comme reported a utilisatieur indeed there is a modulation wheel. I tried it without connecting the power supply, just to the sensations at your fingertips: But it is again properly served. The principle is simple, a USB key normal , you put the mp3 file from your PC, then you put the key on the keyboard and pressing song, it scans and you can read music, you can stop continue, navigate, easy very reactive. Our members also liked: Very portable, “very light” and very good price. In short, excellent touch j have also tested the GX with beautiful ivory feel sensation, but I find many snaps , a great piano sound the Grand Superior , a lot of sounds to touch everything!

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I think I misspoke: For other sounds, electric pianos are quite BOFs Native electric instrument piano rock there are good organ, good pads and violins!

Roland RD-300GX Keyboard

But the opening is happening Desj a good hour to see all sounds very easily. See technical specifications on AF or at Rkland As for the least: Not satisfied with those reviews? I actually preferred to have two separate dials, one for pitch and rolqnd, but I m’escuse for what I view, the fact is that the modulation is possible. Sort by most recent most useful. Indeed, the set is still too tight, too cold, too ascptis.


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Request a new review. The sound of the piano is enjoyable without being transcendent.

I use the keyboard mostly as RDGX matre to read samples pro I suggest you go to the website of Roland. Time to find the right volume – The configuration gnrale Is it easy? Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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Good bass and good treble mostly I find him a good momentum a good piano, pianissimo can be too strong. At least for the piano, thanks to the touch, and the quality of the keyboard, it was a game very expressive! If you have trouble finding it in stock to test the keyboard is rpland similar to the Roland FP Heavy but not too much bounce the key. I’m not mistaken I hope -Mode implementation again I am a blunder.

Very portable, “very light” and very good price. Comme reported a utilisatieur indeed there rx-300gx a modulation wheel. All other sounds are plutt BOFs, immitation distant instruments rels. Try because it’s pretty personal but I am conquered, you can really play in nuance and we feel the keys!

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In addition we have a small utiliaire to cut the song and map parts of the keys from b1 to b0! The interface is very simple, there is a clear instruction that is required for advanced features and there are plenty. Ici they could make an effort. Marked improvement with the SX. About sounds just over including both intruders for General MIDI Also a big plus, I thought it was gadget but the integrated audio player c cool to roalnd statement, or even find pieces work.


Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Slightly less than the SX He throws! D As a shortcut key piano, which we directly apsse super piano The manual is very complete. About rd-3000gx That will be a keyboard of 88 keys with sounds correct when it gives legitimacy to its range.

But it is again properly served. But for the price which was increased in new condition on average Euros if I’m not mistaken we would have preferred sounds more efficient or that we are offering a foot or a bag.