I have an Asus mobo. I do not have an eVGA mobo. Also got the utility. Onboard chip is disabled. When you boot, what version does the bios tell you it is running? Sometimes they are meant for a separate plug-in card so you never know if you’re going to have problems.

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Latest Marvell 91xx Ahci/Raid Controller Drivers?

I am a newbie to all this and I would like to know what is a Magvell Express card? Forums Posts Latest Posts. Why is old x58 motherboards so expensive? The station-drivers firmware are not officially sanctioned by your motherboard maker. Cypherdude New Member Total Posts: I assume you have the same problem.

EyeDontKnow 26 1 coccyx. Has anyone who has an Asus P7P55D-E mobo downloaded and installed the latest drivers and firmware listed for the Marvell SE controller on the station-drivers page?

Marvell 91xx SATA 6Gb/s Controller Update

Onboard chip is disabled. But, I was able to download and it is working fine. After Asus moves on to the next generation of mobo’s, marveol with probably most other mobo makers, they do not post any new drivers or firmware for the third party controllers on their mobo’s. Here’s a more reputable download link: If you attempt to update your Marvell firmware and the process fails, you may permanently disable this controller possibly your entire motherboard. Aussie Allan is more of an expert on this than I am but.


The matching Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge also has many new features. All installation instructions and labels for the drivers are in English. Why does Marvell not simply distributes these files on their website just like any other modern company?

I am left with deciding if I want to take the risk of using the Station-drivers files. The revision number is 1. Thanks for posting the firmware updates and speed tests folks. It was firmware 2. X1 GTX support “soon” has probably already passed. Still a no go with Marvell drivers. Have used them myself countless times with no problems I’m not sure if I dare to try the one’s from the link you gave us.

I experienced no problems whatsoever in the download and installation. Completely unacceptable, and yet just another nonsense system builders have to put up with because we’ve basically got no mavrell.

Finally got some tempered glass in my life. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? This is for firmwarenot your drivers. Be aware, using the station-drivers firmware to update your Marvell controller firmware can be risky.


Dark Mantis 10typesofpeopleoneswhoknow binaryandoneswhodont. The latest revision is great!

SATA Controllers

Essentials Only Full Version. Because this is not an official page, I hesitate to use their files.

Tried the driver several days ago.