Like most ultra-thin notebooks, the Toshiba doesn’t have an internal optical drive. However, it comes with an extended battery that clips on the bottom and adds a healthy 3, mA of power without adding too much thickness and weight. I have yet to use a perfect laptop, and even this R that I fancy quite a bit, has some weaknesses. Some people criticize this, but the reality is that you can easily do a presentation in that time and impress the heck out of people with the diminutive size of this laptop. The Bad Short battery life with primary battery; limited secondary storage options through Toshiba.

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Personally, I wish these systems would work well without the added memory consuming utilities. Of course, the Portege R is a US model, so you’ll be able to buy it at many retailers and will recieve direct tech support from Toshiba Americas too. The unit is comprised mostly of magnesium and has a very solid feel. To turn WiFi off and on, simply use the slider switch on the side of the computer. This is definitely a business notebook and the additional software that comes with it is quite Spartan.

Toshiba’s smallest laptop, the Portege R, recently got a boost in the form of a faster Pentium M processor and a larger hard drive. Disconnect the hard drive flex cable on the system board and remove it.


The AC adapter adds 0. The Toshiba R Portege is thin!

I did some price comparisons with other thin and lights, and the R was a very good value. Remove five screws securing the top assembly to the base assembly.

Color saturation is quite good too. The keyboard is less cramped than those found on most ultralights, as are the touchpad and the two mouse buttons.

Free Unix on Toshiba Portege R

The most likely configuration of this laptop for most people will be with the extra battery attached. Laptops like the R are great conversation starters.

The R weighs only 2. Overall I would rank this as the best laptop keyboard that I have ever used — regardless of size. The CyberBlade is has some interesting merits including: Toshiba Portege R two batteries Phone Reviews by Carrier.

The included world charger is compact about the same size as Toshiba Pocket PC chargers! It gets Intel s series Continue to next page 01 As with any company producing ultraportables, Toshiba cut some design corners to keep the case so slim. Good performance plus amazing battery life should equal lots of porteve when away from the office.

Integrated WiFi, Ethernet and a 56k modem will help you stay connected. This is quite encouraging for the mobile traveler flight delays may not be as boring as they used to be.


Toshiba Portege R disassembly guide

Don’t show this again. Remaining software includes a couple of Toshiba utilities and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Disconnect the modem and LAN jacks cable on the system board. Toshiba ships the R with two batteries: 1r00 6 Continue removing the bezel. STEP 11 Do not forget to release the latch in the battery bay. Backside of the Toshiba Portege R view larger image With the extra capacity battery equipped it snaps securely onto the bottom of the R giving the rr100 a wedge-like profile that is ergonomically great for typing I was able to get the claimed 6.

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Remove two screws securing the hard drive cover and remove the cover. Remove two screws securing the PC card connector to portsge system board. Disconnect the flat keyboard cable on the system board.